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You did what? A Conversation With Filmmaker Ceila Peters

'You Did What?'  is a recurring speaker series at Hopewell Works where a guest speaker is invited to share what they did! Sparked by one(ish) key theme, the featured guest shares details and stories about what it is that is so unique about their background, experience(s) etc. in a casual, conversational-style setting. Round up a friend or two (flying solo is cool too!) and join us for drinks and conversation about some cool stuff. 


Ceila Peters is the next featured guest coming up on July 17!  Peters is a filmmaker and artist of the new millennium exploring the horizons of character-driven work featuring compelling stories and authentically diverse characters. She explores narratives rooted in the emotional complexity of the human experience. While at Hopewell she will share insights about her experience in the film industry, past work, and her latest project: GODSPEED. 

GODSPEED: A feature film project currently financing/packaging; developed for production in Columbus in late 2018/early 2019 +written, directed and produced by Celia C. Peters  + shooting proof of concept short in Summer 2018 +project.


6:00 pm- 6:30 pm: Arrive, hang, grab a drink 

6:30-7:15 - Ceila's story 

7:15pm-8pm - feel free to stick around and chat with friends new and old 


Do you know someone who has a great (obscure, unique, strange, impressive) fun-fact or key experience and when others frst hear it, their reaction is something along the lines of " did what?"

Tell us about 'em! Email