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Showing Up: Workshop for Working Moms

  • Hopewell 130 East Chestnut Street Columbus, OH, 43215 United States (map)


Marti Post, Chief Strategy Officer and mother of two, has a student’s heart, a journalist’s training, and a researcher’s work experience.

She decided to study working motherhood when she found herself nervous to give a speech about what it’s really like in today’s business world.

Marti custom-designed The Workshop for Working Moms to help more women find what they need to be more engaged, more focused, and more present at work and at home.


Attendees learn the history of how society, the economy, education, politics and even digital trends have converged to create the most challenging environment in the history of families.


Open a conversation working moms are not able to have in personal settings, and encourage them to create new ways they can manage work and home in tandem.


Participants are invited to join an online social group of other working moms. The ongoing conversation helps all moms share tips, tricks and encouragement.