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All Levels Vinyasa Yoga w/ Jodie!


This vinyasa yoga class will offer a creative, flowing sequence of yoga poses with an emphasis on proper alignment, breath-linked movement, creating spaciousness in the body, and finding a balance between strength and flexibility. A more active teaching style of yoga, this class is great for those looking for a full body workout. All levels of practitioners are welcome, including beginners, as modifications for an individualized practice will always be offered. Each class will also hold time and space for integration and stillness, allowing students to leave class with a sense of ease and calm.

Meet Jodie!  - 

Jodie was first drawn to yoga as a teenager seeking the mind-body connection and health benefits of the practice. Returning to her mat again and again over the years, realizing that yoga is about so much more than simply the poses, she eventually committed to a consistent practice. Cultivating a deeper sense of awareness, stillness, balance, and stability in her life, she is devoted to sharing this perspective shift with as many people as possible. Completing her 200 hour teacher training at Yoga on High, she became a Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor. Dedicated to both her own self-care practices, as well as sharing them with others, she also became certified in Ayurveda, the holistic healing sister science to yoga. Her Vinyasa flow style of teaching aims to emphasize proper alignment, breath-initiated movement, balance between strength and flexibility, as well as creative self-expression, individuality, and fluidity in movement. She is grateful to be able to share her passion with others and hopes for her students to leave her classes feeling strong, empowered, centered, at ease, and eager for more yoga in their lives.