Hopewell Chats: Haley Boehning

Hopewell is hosting tonight's Conscious Capitalism happy hour, so we asked Haley Boehning, vice chair of the Columbus chapter, a few questions about the organization. Hope to see you tonight!

Virginia Harris: Tell us in a nutshell the purpose of the Conscious Capitalism organization.

Haley Boehning: Conscious Capitalism International is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to elevating humanity through business. The practice of Conscious Capitalism includes implementing the tenets of Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious Culture and Conscious Leadership. The organization produces events, workshops, publications and academic research, and supports a growing network of Conscious Capitalism chapters around the world which serve as communities of inquiry for business leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and others interested in advancing the ideas of Conscious Capitalism.


Virginia: When and why was the Columbus chapter established?

Haley: The Columbus chapter was founded in 2017 by a small group of local business leaders who shared a belief that business can and should be a great force for good in our world. In the conscious business movement we found an international community of doers and thinkers who have dedicated themselves to elevating humanity through business, and were committed to promoting this philosophy. We decided to become an official chapter to do two things: 1) build the community of Conscious Capitalists in Columbus who practice the philosophy in their businesses and 2) educate the wider Central Ohio community about Conscious Capitalism to change their perception of business/capitalism.


Virginia: What are the monthly meetups like? Who should attend and what will they gain from each meetup?

Haley: Our monthly meet-ups are convivial, informal programs. It’s an opportunity to learn a little more about the philosophy of conscious capitalism as each month we focus on one of the four tenants (this month is stakeholder orientation) and hear from other business leaders and entrepreneurs who have experienced the ideas in practice. It’s also a great place to meet other business people who share the belief that meaningful, conscious businesses can transform lives and communities as well as the bottom line. We are excited to keep evolving and expanding our programs as we grow.


Virginia: Is this a membership organization?

Haley: We elected not to create a membership structure, but instead open our events up to all members of the community. Thanks to our generous sponsors, and a small ticket fee ($10), this allows us to be as inclusive as possible and encourage new people to come each month to learn more about Conscious Capitalism without feeling they need to commit.


Virginia: Tell us about what drew you to the organization.

Haley: I believe that profit and purpose do not have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, in truly great companies purpose and profit are symbiotic and inexorably linked. I've personally seen the positive impact that consciously-led businesses can have on the world, improving the lives of their customers and employees, strengthening their communities AND creating value for their shareholders. These businesses have learned lessons along the way, and we're excited to create spaces to hear and share insights so we can all increase our impact.


Virginia: And could you give us a snapshot of your job/work life?

Haley: In addition to being vice chair of Conscious Capitalism Columbus I am principal and co-founder of Storyforge, where I'm fortunate to work with many conscious businesses and leaders. Storyforge exists to help ambitious organizations build brands that matter by mastering their meaningful story and aligning all aspects of their business with it - inspiring employees, engaging customers and inciting change. Clients range from pre-revenue startups to multi-billion dollar international companies. The one thing they have in common is a desire to change the world, or their corner of it. It’s wicked good fun.

There’s still time to register for tonight’s Conscious Capitalism happy hour. See ya at 5pm at Hopewell