Two Reads for Tuesday

Is now a good time for some personal reflections on you work life? My vote is there should always be time for reflection. I ran across two articles that provide a bit of framework to do just that.

First up is this piece written by Melody Wilding on She asks if work is a job, career or calling, and proceeds to helpfully define those categories. Wilding also suggests several questions to help figure out which orientation your work holds and how to adjust your perspective if you are dissatisfied with your current work.

Secondly, The New York Times offers two solutions to our inability to spot hidden weaknesses: “Ask for feedback… and keep learning.” Seems simple enough, but as the article points out, our ability as humans to identify our own abilities is pretty bad. Step one is admitting we have a problem, right?

Looking for more reading about work? We’ve got you covered with this post: “Ten Reads to Turn Your Procrastination Into Inspiration.”