Hopewell Chats: Rachel Kerr

Rachel Kerr’s The Beauty Boost connects a community of women who want to feel passionate about their work and make meaningful connections in their community and live a healthy life. She’s also leading our Community Yoga & Coffee event on April 8. We had a little chat so we could learn a little bit more about what drives her business and how she started her business.

Virginia: Tell us a little bit about yourself - How did you come to create The Beauty Boost?

Rachel: Two years ago, I was essentially going through my days knowing I wasn’t living the life I wanted to live. I HATED sitting at a desk all day and not having freedom or flexibility in my schedule.The work I was doing was okay, but I wasn’t passionate about it.

One day my friend Kim White posted that she was looking for a pro bono coaching client. From there, we began meeting weekly, diving into questions I’d never dared to dream of. She helped me understand my passions and turn those passions into my business. I completed Marie Forleo’s B-school (a six week online program) and 200 YTT yoga teacher training.

Then about a year ago, I looked at my finances, realized what I needed to make per week and realized I could do that (barely) with my freelance work and with teaching. I figured worst case scenario I can find a random job if I need to, but this is the time.

The Beauty Boost offers women’s weekend retreats, life coaching, fitness events and empowerment workshops.

Virginia: What were the challenges to getting your business started?

Rachel: My challenges were working on The Beauty Boost while I was still in a full-time job because a lot of what I do is experiential, meaning I need to physically be there!

Virginia: Since you have a unique business, what does a typical day for you look like?

Rachel: A day in my life can look like this:

  • 6:00am: Wake up and create my two fitness classes for the day.
  • 7:00am: Eat breakfast, inhale coffee and walk my dog, Stuart.
  • 8:00am: Drop Stuart off at the ONLY doggie daycare he hasn’t been kicked out of.
  • 8:40am: Get to the studio, then open and scan all three of my emails for any red flags.
  • 9:30-10:30am: Teach heated yoga at Melt Hot Fitness Dublin.
  • 10:35am: Jump on a weekly conference call for freelance job #1.
  • 11:30am: Call ends and I drive home or to a coffee shop to work on freelance job #2.
  • 12:00pm-2pm: Work on both freelance jobs and go pickup Stuart from doggy daycare.
  • 2:00pm-3:50pm: Work on more freelance, check The Beauty Boost emails, do social posts.
  • 3:50pm: Leave to open Mat Happy Yoga. I take my laptop to continue freelance work before class begins.
  • 4:45pm-5:30pm: Teach Pilates/Fusion Yoga Class.
  • 6pm: Head home, eat dinner, dabble in more work, enter hours, play with my dog, maybe meet friends for dinner or drinks.

Virginia: How do you learn and grow in your career?

Rachel: I try to surround myself with people doing awesome things. There is a whole world of people in Columbus doing what they love that I never knew about. I also retake Marie Forleo's online B-School which has been huge in terms of growth. It's also important for me to take care of myself so that I feel healthy and grounded and clear to stay focused and continue to grow.

Virginia: How do you meet and connect with other professionals?

Rachel: Honestly it is through my own company. I didn't intend for that but I have met so many amazing people from hiring people like The Wonder Jam, to women who attend the events, retreats etc. It has been hugely fulfilling and I feel very blessed.


*Photo courtesy The Beauty Boost.