Master Your Marketing

Mike Rudd

Mike Rudd

Mike Rudd’s energy and excitement are contagious. He’s got that charisma that makes you want to be friends and also inspires you to work harder. I had the chance to sit down with Mike this week to chat about the Marketing Mastery club he hosts at Hopewell each month.

His marketing experience includes a degree in marketing from OSU, sports marketing and sales for a local radio station and now independent digital marketing and consulting services. It’s in that business of consulting that he discovered a niche of solo entrepreneurs who were looking for marketing guidance, but maybe didn’t have the budget for individual consulting services or were struggling to set aside time for continued learning and education. That’s when the Marketing Mastery club was born.

“I thought, what if I can take the foundations of what I do with businesses, which is instilling people, purpose and community, and turn it into something off of my books, off of my blogs in real life,” Mike says. “The idea would be, if someone came for 6 to 12 months to every meeting and paid attention … and did the homework, they would have a full circle digital marketing strategy implemented into their business by the end of the year.”

But the club isn’t only for solo entrepreneurs or individuals; corporate marketing professionals can find value, too.  

“There’s a lot of people that work for companies that are marketing directors who think they know everything and they don’t - I don’t [either] - they stop trying to learn. ... So don’t get stuck just because you work for a company,” he cautions. “I’m trying to get better, too. I’m trying to connect with people and be able to work on it.”

The club meets monthly at Hopewell with about 15 to 20 people.

“ It’s open, it’s fun, there’s no dress code. You can leave a few minutes early, you can get there a few minutes late - you might miss something!” Mike says.The important part is showing up, and you’ll leave 90 minutes later with new skills and new connections.

The meetings include a few minutes of networking and connecting beginning at 8:30 am, followed by a short presentation about the meeting’s topic and the final 45 minutes are reserved for breakout group discussion.

“I try to break it into small groups as fast as possible,” Mike explains. Those small groups allow the members to focus on the topic at hand and how it can work for their business. “What everybody wants and needs is that doing, and then doing it with other people,” Mike adds.

One of the important facets of the club is the mix of people, and the perspectives they bring. Entrepreneurs, real estate agents, yoga teachers and corporate marketers have attended the meetings.

“Anybody’s welcome. It’s free, and it’s for any age, anybody,” Mike stresses. “Some people are coming in with pretty decent backgrounds on what’s going on and then some people are at the ground level.”

There’s value in that mix, especially when it comes to the meeting topics. May’s meeting covered Facebook ads, and the groups were decided based on levels of experience in that specific format. So people were grouped with those with a similar level of Facebook ad experience. April’s meeting covered email marketing, and the groups were divided with a mix of experience level in each. Each month’s topic determines what the group structure will be, and it allows a mixing and mingling among the members to connect and learn from each other each month.

That’s what we love to see happening at Hopewell - members of our community connecting as they grow and work.

Mike had this final thought: “Whether you come or not, keep learning, keep working on your business and your career. Be curious and don’t assume, and treat people with the highest amount of kindness you possibly can because that’s what truly matters in a marketing strategy.”

Join Mike and his Market Mastery club for the next meeting on June 6 at 8:30am, covering organic Instagram marketing. Mike recommends RSVPing via the Facebook event. We hope to see you there!