The Question of Community


One of our central goals here at Hopewell is to create an authentic community through shared experiences. We want our members and guests to share unique, thoughtful and valuable experiences while you are in our space - and we hope those experiences lead to sincere connections beyond the walls of 130 Chestnut St. Two articles caught my eye. Both cover how businesses create and use their own communities.

First, Ryan Paugh at Fast Company offers a few tips on cultivating a community around your business.

Second, Carina Chocano critiques online communities created by tech companies, and the sense of autonomy we feel, but in reality don’t have in those communities.

Both articles got the wheels turning as I consider our goals here at Hopewell. How can we cultivate an authentic community with members invested in each other? This goal is deeply personal for each of us at Hopewell. We’ve seen the risks and effects isolation can have, and we hope to end isolation for our community. Because, as humans, we are meant to live in community with each other. It’s an instinctual desire.