Hopewell is a community building space for the modern professionals of today's working world. 


If you're not familiar with Hopewell or haven't had the chance to visit yet, we hope to see you soon!  In the meantime, below are some basic details about Hopewell and the resources, opportunities and experiences available inside.



Meaningful relationships are built among members, guests and visitors through shared experiences. 

Grab a cup of coffee from the cafe and chat.


While Hopewell isn’t anyone’s place of work, it’s a place to work.

Set up shop in the main space or duck into one of the private rooms for meetings and calls. 


Embrace lifelong learning through experiences that benefit both personal and professional growth.

Bring a friend, or make some new ones and learn together. 


Membership is not limited to any one type of person or industry -  Hopewell's purpose is to build a strong community to end PROFESSIONAL isolation no matter what a person's background is. 

Who makes up the Hopewell Community? 

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Remote workers

  • Marketing associates

  • Technology Consultants

  • Small business owners and teams

  • Public relations professionals

  • Community managers

  • Graduate students

  • Graphic designers

  • Project managers

      ... and many more. 

What do they do at Hopewell? 

  • Attend a meetup

  • Host a group meeting

  • Collaborate on a passion project

  • Work in a bright change of scenery

  • Attend a social event to meet new people

  • Coordinate a company's private special event

  • Sneak in a pre-work yoga session on Fridays

  • Take a workshop to learn a new skill

  • Host or attend coffee meetup

  • Meet a friend for coffee

      ... and much more. 

Summer Sunrise Series: Yoga Fridays

Summer Sunrise Series: Yoga Fridays

10 for $10 Wine Tasting

10 for $10 Wine Tasting

Beer Tasting + Land Grant Brewing

Beer Tasting + Land Grant Brewing

Intro to Podcasting

Intro to Podcasting

Intro to Charaol Drawing

Intro to Charaol Drawing

Iphone Photography and Editing

Iphone Photography and Editing

Events and cool stuff we've already done or are doing